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1. Meritor Academy Summer Program - Meritor Academy offers outstanding themed-week summer programs for students entering K through grade 4.
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Middleton, Massachusetts

1. _____ Art Expo: June 14th-June 18th

This is a unit where budding artists are sure to enjoy. Children will learn about famous artists and some of the techniques they are known for. Children will learn about line, color, texture and pattern as the draw self-portraits, paint still lives, create collages, and carve sculptures.

2. _____ Wilderness 101: June 21st-June 25th

Surviving in the outdoors takes physical strength, resourcefulness, creativity, and teamwork. Children will learn the basics of surviving in the wilderness, including reading a compass, how to send Morse code, and how to cooperate with others.

3. ____ Ancient Egypt: June 28th-July 2nd

Traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt allows children to learn about this amazing civilization from the past. Children will explore hieroglyphs, learn about pyramids and mummies and sample Ancient Egyptian foods. Some highlights include making our own mummies and pyramids!

4. _____ You’ve Got Talent: July 5th-July 9th

This unit allows children to explore some of the activities commonly associated with talent including acting and dancing. No matter what they explore, children will discover that they all hold a hidden talent!

5. ____ Gross and Gooey Science: July 12th-July 16th

Children of all ages are fascinated by strange and gross things (and some adults too)! This until will allow children to explore things they often find “strange and gross” including common bodily functions. As children explore what causes these functions, they will also learn their scientific names.

6. ____ Animal Antics: July 19th-July 23rd

Children will go wild over this until as they investigate animals from small to large. They will become animal experts as they collect information and design and build models of different animals and their homes.

7. ____ Kids in the Kitchen: July 26th-July 3oth

Children LOVE to learn about the foods they eat! This unit will allow children to explore the many facets of preparing a meal, including a salad, main dish, and dessert. They will also create centerpieces, learn how to fold napkins and set a table in preparation for a shared meal.

8. ____ Wild, Wild, West: August 2nd-August 6th

As children set off to explore the Old West, they will learn about the history of pioneers heading the west. They will also learn traditional western activities, including square dancing, panning for gold and making butter.


*Expedition Weeks are $400.00 per week*

There will be no before and/or after camp care available during Expedition Weeks.

9. Expedition History: August 16th-August 20th

8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Join us for daily trips to explore our local history. Destinations may include Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, The Freedom Trail, Lexington & Concord, Sturbridge Village, Bunker Hill Monument, and Old Ironsides. Campers will receive the itinerary 2 weeks in advance and may change as necessary according to the weather.

10. ____ Expedition Nature: August 23rd-August 27th

8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Join us for daily trips to explore local destinations with to learn more about our natural environment. Destinations may include the New England Aquarium, Wolf Hollow, Franklin Park Zoo, fruit picking Ecotarium, and the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Campers will receive the itinerary 2 weeks in advance and may change as necessary according to the weather.

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