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Please note: staff will have a base camp, but will be moved to different camps throughout the summer based on the needs of each camp. The amount of moving will vary by position.

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Elk River
Singing Hills

Position Desired:
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Cooks and kitchen staff are needed as early as May 28.
Staff training starts early June for all staff.
Staff will need to be able to work at least until August 18th.

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1. What position are you interested in for next summer and why? How are you qualified for this position?

2. What was your greatest success in your job this past summer?

3. What was your biggest challenge in your job this past summer? What have you learned from it?

4. What, if anything would you do differently next summer?

5. What do you believe are the greatest benefits of the Girl Scout camp experience for girls and young women?

6. How will camp benefit from you working at camp again next summer?

7. How will you benefit from working at camp again next summer?


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