Camp Buckskin
Ely, MN (United States)
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Buckskin has been helping youth with AD/HD, Learning Disabilities, Aspergers, or similar needs to become more successfull since 1959. Traditional activities with some academics are provided within our Northwoods setting.
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Program Emphasis Gender Type Of Stay Session Options (Weeks)
General Program
Resident Camp
Age Range Capacity Average Cost (Week)
6 - 18 120 $901 - 1000 (week)
More About Camp
Camp Buckskin is an overnight summer camp that specializes in serving boys and girls ages 6-18 who are experiencing social skill and/or academic difficulties. More specifically, the majority of our campers have AD/HD, Learning Disabilities, Aspergers or similar needs. Our campers have average to well above average intelligence. They also have a world of potential in many areas that has yet to be developed. They simply need extra help and support to convert their potentials into abilities. Most of our campers need to become more self-aware, particularly as to how their words and actions come across to others. Since our start in 1959, more than 7,000 children have benefitted from our therapeutic program. These young people have experienced a great deal of personal growth and improvement as reported by those who know them best - their parents, teachers and other involved professionals.

The Buckskin program effectively utilizes the summer to help youth not only stay focused, but gain knowledge and skills while improving existing abilities. These new abilities and skills help produce a smoother transition to the new school year. Perhaps more importantly, these gains also help them to become happier and more successful. As we supplement the efforts of the home and school, it's important that our approach is consistent with those of the parents and teachers.

The program really works on two levels. The campers receive instruction in a mix of traditional camp and some academic activities each day. As they acquire knowledge and demonstrate skills, they progress through the various levels in each activity, and are recognized for their achievements. Passing levels and receiving the attendant awards are the more 'visible' part of camp. The less visable part features our Personal Growth program. Parents select several social skill goals for their child to work on. There is no specific, scheduled time to work on these areas, as 'teachable moments' occur at various times throughout the day. These learning opportunities help our campers improve their peer relations, interpersonal communication skills, problem solving abilities, and a variety of related skills. These areas are addressed and evaluated each day, and then recorded. These results are part of a written report that the parents receive after camp. As a supplement, we share our insights and observations, so parents can better help their child continue the progress made at camp. Parents appreciate the strengthened self concept resulting from successes in the more tangible parts of the program. They are perhaps more interested in helping their child make progress in their peer relations, as making and maintaining friendships is so important. As with most things in life, some hurdles just require a bit more effort and practice to overcome. We invite you to consider how Buckskin can help your child now and for many years to come.

Activities and Features
Special Needs

Attention Deficit Disorder
Behavior Disorder
Learning Disability

Religious Emphasis
Non Denominational

General Academics

Outdoor Activities
General Outdoors

Performing Arts
General Performing Arts

Individual Sports
General Individual Sports

Team Sports
General Team Sports

Water Sports
General Water Sports
Instructional Swimming
Recreational Swimming

Arts and Crafts
General Arts and Crafts

General Miscellaneous Actvities
Color War
Mountain Biking
Leadership Skills

Other Activities
social skills training
writing skills

Camp Address Winter Address
PO Box 389
Ely MN, 55731 United States
218-365-2121 (tel.)
218-365-2880 (fax.)
4124 Quebec Ave. N.
Ste 300
Minneapolis, MN, 55427 United States
763-432-9177 (tel.)
763-432-9253 (fax.)
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