Techno Chaos
Sugar Land, TX (United States)
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We are the only Robotics Center and Makerspace in the Houston area targeted for kids and youth. We teach robotics, programming, 3D Printing, animations, electronic clothing and any emerging technologies that we feel our youth should be discovering! With a year-round facility we are committed to providing young innovators the opportunities to practice, explore and innovate!
Techno Chaos
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Program Emphasis Gender Type Of Stay Session Options (Weeks)
Academic Camp
Computer Camp
Computer Gaming Camp
Robotics Camp
Science Camp
All Girls
Day Camp
Less Than 1 Week
1 2 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12
Age Range Capacity Average Cost (Week)
4 - 18 12 $201 - 300 (inquire)
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More About Camp
We provide opportunities in LEGOs, robotics, programming/gaming, 3D Printing, animations, Minecraft, electronic clothing and any emerging technologies that we feel youth should be discovering! We have many speciality Minecraft camps with LEGOs, robotics, 3D-printing, programming/modding and server adminstration/configuration. With a year-round facility we are committed to providing young innovators the opportunities to practice, explore and innovate!

-----------------CAMP BREAKOUT ACTIVITIES-------------
Minecraft, LEGOs, Track Races and SoccerBots

-----------------THEME CAMPS--------------------------

Campers explore their creativity and teamwork to build a full layout of items based on the camp theme. Younger campers will utilize LEGOs and older students, based on demonstrated capabilities from other camps with us, will be able to use power functions, NXT, 3D Printing and other technologies to enhance the landscape.

CAMPS: Our World of Minecraft, For Your Amusement, Future World, Famous Structures with Minecraft, Contraption Chaos

-----------CAMPS TARGETED FOR PRE-K TO 1ST------------

I Wanna Do It!, Why?

------------------TEEN CAMPS---------------------------

Engineering Camp, Mobile Apps Using Java, Modding Minecraft, 3D-Printing, Get In My Game with Game Maker, My Minecraft Server, Battlebot Engineering, Plugins in Minecraft Servers

-----------INDIVIDUAL-DRIVEN PROJECTS------------------

MAKE Week, Teen Engineering Camp, Innovator Membership

--------------PROGRAMMING FOCUSED----------------------

Modding Minecraft, Mobile Apps Using Java, Move Me Master, Programmer's Paradise with NXT and Minecraft, Plugins in Minecraft Servers

---------------POPULAR CAMPS---------------------

Mobile Apps Using Java
This is an introductory camp to Java programming and mobile application development. It assumes no prior knowledge of programming or Java. For individuals interested in MODifying Minecraft or creating smartphone applications, this class is highly recommended.

Modding Minecraft
If you don't like a facet of the Minecraft game, change it! Modders can have a lot of control over Minecraft, but there's a lot of code and beginning can be overwhelming. But still, creating your own blocks and adding your own functionality to Minecraft is quite a liberating experience! If you want more content, you can add it! Experience with Java is recommended or completion of our Mobile Apps using Java.

For the Love of Minecraft
Campers will learn computer skills, internet awareness, graphics design, 3D printing, animations, videos, adventure mapping and basic automations as we tap their interest in Minecraft.

FUNdamental Chaos I
Learn simple machines with levers, gears, pulleys and motors with challenges to enable creativity and teamwork. This class is highly recommended as a starter into the area of robotics. Before you learn to program you must learn about how a robot can act within and on its environment especially in its movements. Power Functions used.

FUNdamental Chaos II
Includes programming and building with MINDSTORM NXT motors and sensors with challenges to enable creativity and teamwork. After this class students will be ready to take on FIRST LEGO League challenges or broaden their understanding of robotics with the NXT.

Machine Chaos
Targeted for older students ages 10 to 18 years old who want a challenge in building with gears, pulleys and motors.

My Minecraft Server
We will mentor campers on setting up and configuring their own Minecraft server. Campers will investigate server, plugins and mod configurations, in addition to texture packs. They will also learn tools needed to access their server remotely. Additional fees will apply based on option chosen for access Minecraft server online and whether an in-house server.

---------------GENERAL INFO----------------------------

Most of our camps are from 9am to 3:30pm. We offer our Teen Engineering Camp from 3pm-9pm.

Activities and Features
Religious Emphasis

General Academics

Competitive Events
Competitive Events
Intra Camp Competition
Inter Camp Competition


Team Sports
General Team Sports

Arts and Crafts
General Arts and Crafts
Fabric Design
Jewelry Design

General Miscellaneous Actvities
Leadership Skills

Other Activities
3D Printing
Raspberry Pi
Mindstorm NXT
Stop Motion
Multiple camps
Different ages
Year round
Merit Badges

Camp Address Winter Address
7320 Hwy 90 A, Suite 210
Sugar Land TX, 77478 United States
281-410-1798 (tel.)
7320 Hwy 90 A, Suite 210
Sugar Land, TX, 77478 United States
281-410-1798 (tel.)
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