The Country School Farm
Becks Mills, OH (USA)
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Animal lovers return year after year to work and play at the Barker farm. Located in Ohio's Amish settlement. Nondenominational. Montessori. Since 1976
Program Emphasis Gender Type Of Stay Session Options (Weeks)
Adventure Camp
Farming Camp
Ranch Camp
All Girls
All Boys
Resident Camp
1 2
Age Range Capacity Average Cost (Week)
6 - 12 28 $701 - 800 (week)
More About Camp
Children come away with a twinkle in the eye that reflects both the intrinsic satisfaction and fun of farm life. Participants live the meaning of the agricultural revolution and come away knowing what makes civilization possible. As Montessori teachers the Barkers have designed the farm so that children have access to its very essence. Animal lovers do well as do also children who are comfortable with mixed ages. The 42 acre farm is located in the heart of the world's largest settlement of Amish people although the Barkers are not Amish themselves and the experience has no religious affiliation. The smaller more comprehensible scale of life in this neighborhood makes it the perfect setting. Things are just the right size. The consistency yet variety in the experience brings children back year after year. Fun is basic to farm life but satisfaction is the lingering result.
Activities and Features
Religious Emphasis
Non Denominational

Health and Nutrition

Leadership Skills

Other Activities
animal care
food harvesting

Camp Address Winter Address
3516 Township Road 124
Becks Mills OH, 44654 USA (tel.)
3516 Township Road 124
Becks Mills, Ohio, 44654 USA (tel.)
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