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First Photo of Girl Scouts of Alaska Summer Camps If you're passionate about changing the world and positively impacting a child's life, aren't afraid of hard work, and want a job that is fun, exciting and energizing then there’s no better way to spend your summer than working as a Girl Scouts of Alaska camp team member!

Girl Scouts of Alaska runs three different camp programs:
Camp Togowoods (a traditional resident camp)
Camp Singing Hills (a traditional day camp)
Traveling Day Camp throughout Southeast and Southwest Alaska

The Camp Staff Experience

Photo 2 of Summer Jobs at Girl Scouts of Alaska Summer Camps Each summer, our camp team from across the United States works together toward one common mission – to help every girl who attends camp develop courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place.

We hire staff who aren’t just good or great – they’re INVALUABLE. We look for people who are always working at peak performance, even when they are tired, not feeling well or it’s raining outside. We hire people who are always committed to holding themselves to the highest standards to positively impact children’s lives.

Whether you work at resident camp or day camp you’ll be giving 100% of your attention and efforts to your campers. While you are at camp, many of the comforts of home are gone but you’ll gain so much…
1. You’ll be surrounded by a team of co-workers and supervisors all working towards a common, life-changing goal
2. You’ll impact every girl who attends camp whether you know it or not
3. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime (for yourself and your campers)
4. You’ll gain valuable, marketable life skills that will help you succeed in any future endeavor
We have three different summer camp employment opportunities:
• Camp Togowoods, a traditional resident camp (season runs May 21-August 12)
• Camp Singing Hills, a traditional day camp (season runs May 21-August 13)
• Rural Alaska Traveling Day Camp, a non-traditional traveling day camp (season runs May 21-August 13)

Working at summer camp is life changing and important work. It’s essential that you know what you’re getting into. You can find information about working at all our camps and a link to apply at camp at http://girlscoutsalaska.org/camps/

I look forward to receiving your application,

Waterfront Counselor
Health and Safety
General Staff
Camp Counselor
Food Prep
Outdoor Trip Leader
$2400 - $3000
Summer Address
Wasilla, AK
Winter Address
3911 Turnagain Blvd. E.
Anchorage, AK, 99517
(800)-478-7448 (tel.)
907-243-4819 (fax.)

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