Make a difference in the lives of children with Chronic Illnesses!
Special Needs
Specialty Program
We are looking for enthusiastic, committed, kind and hardworking humans to make camp happen for the 2019 summer camp program. The Double H Ranch serves children aged 6-16 with chronic illnesses free of charge in a traditional summer camp setting.

The Roles:

Cabin Counselors
• The campers’ go-to crew, providing the overall care and support as campers participate in camp
• Work as a team to create a sunny, warm environment regardless of the weather
• Will often put on a costume, get messy or share a rain coat to create camp excitement
• Grow to be an expert in back pocket games, cheers, and giving a hug at the perfect time
• Live in the cabin with campers and are the watchful eye and the fun superhero

Activity Leaders
• Create and implement daily activities at one of our 10 program areas (outdoor education, arts and crafts, high ropes, and more)
• Engaging facilitators who help campers learn what they’re capable of
• Innovators of imagination who can turn a theme into an activity and switch gears with a moment’s notice
• Excited to be in a child’s world and role model curiosity, creativity, team work, and kindness
• Join and support their cabin team when program areas are closed

Unit Leaders
• Responsible for the supervision and safety of a cabin team and its campers
• Can build a team, track important information, organize a schedule and make camp fun
• Captains of the cabin and can navigate the roles of student, teacher, coach and friend
• Give and receive feedback, mediate disagreements, and set a tone of kindness, safety, and respect for all camp
• Will put on a costume, volunteer to go first, and lead the “down time” fun

Staff Requirements (the logistics of the job):
• Summer staff must be 19 years of age or 18 with at least one year of college
• CITs can be 17 years of age
• Residential from June until August
• Physically and mentally able to work long hours with limited breaks
• Must be able to provide complete, independent personal care for yourself.
• Must be able to provide personal care for our campers including bathing, toileting, changing diapers, dressing, etc.

Other Positions
High Ropes Challenge Course Facilitator
Environmental Education
Camp Counselor
Staff are paid between 290 and 330 depending on position and prior experience.

This is a residential camp program so room and board are included.
Summer Address
97 Hidden Valley Road
Lake Luzerne, NY 12846
518.696.5676 (tel.)
Winter Address
97 Hidden Valley Road
Lake Luzerne, NY, 12846
518.696.5676 (tel.)

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