1. Science Adventures- Crown Memorial State Beach
Alameda, California

Science Adventures Summer Day Camps offer action-packed science fun for kids ages 5 – 12! Our safe, hands-on national programs have been inspiring children for nearly 30 years.

Science Adventures Summer Day Camps will engage your child in exciting and educational hands-on science fun!
• Small group instruction
• Staffed with experienced educators
• Take home science projects
• Complimentary camp visor
Science Adventures offers four exciting week-long camps allowing kids to explore science in a fun, interactive way.


Build, customize, and battle with your very own walking K’Nex robot! Discover the secrets behind robo-cool tools while building a satellite, investigating top-secret listening devices and crafting a periscope. View color in 3-D “robot vision” and explore your own color creations at home. Full day campers will kick it into high gear while building a take-home robot tool kit and their own motorized invention.

Let’s team up to explore the planet’s most powerful forces! Learn how new sources of energy can make the planet a better place to live by building speeding electric cars, cooking up s’mores using solar energy and creating your own water filtration system! Stay all day to solve the mystery of the endangered sea turtles. Recreate and learn about the dangers they face on their adventurous journey to the sea.

Are you ready to grapple, physics style? It’s a showdown when campers build dragsters, throw magnetic darts, and hurtle parachutes through the air. These budding physicists will throw down their sickest moves with skateboard racers and slime sport shoes. Serious mini-scientists will learn how physics properties relate to the sports and self-guided contraptions. This physics challenge will be your campers’ biggest adventure.

Back by popular demand! Blast off from planet Earth to explore the farthest reaches of the universe by launching your very own rocket! Parachute down to the rocky and dangerous terrain of Mars, while you investigate the magnificent planets of our universe. Construct your electric Mars Rover to uncover the mysteries of the surface of the planets. Space: no longer the final frontier!

To enroll, call 888-458-1812

2. Chef-K - Culinary Camp for Kids
Alameda, California

Build a life-long foundation of cooking, entertaining, and culinary arts for adolescents, teens, and adults.

Interested in providing your child with important life skills? Will your child be able to make healthy food choices? Can he or she make a healthy snack or meal for him or herself? We’ve developed a year round program for children ages 7-18. Classes are available after school during the school year as well as week long camps during the summer. More information on schedules and topics are available.

Please email us about our 2010 Summer Camp sessions for June, July and August. Themes are All-American, Italian or Asian Persuasion. Kids will work in the kitchen and prepare a meal they will enjoy themselves. Recipes included. Guests are welcome to join on the final day for a fee.