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1. PlanetBravo's Techno-tainment Camp Los Angeles - LA's Leader in Computer and Technology Education - The Perfect Place for Today's 21st Century Kid
Day Camp
Los Angeles, California
CA: Rancho Palos Verdes
CA: El Segundo
CA: Encino
CA: Santa Monica
CA: Pasadena
CA: Beverly Hills

In its 11th year of operation, PlanetBravo’s Techno-tainment Camp hosts more children each summer than any other technology camp in Los Angeles!

This camp gives kids the chance to explore their love of computers and technology, while still ensuring plenty of fun in the sun! Campers at Techno-tainment Camp work in one-week sessions on chosen projects from one of over 15 fun and exciting courses.

PlanetBravo has several locations throughout the greater Los Angeles area including Santa Monica, El Segundo, RPV, Pasadena, Encino, and Beverly Hills. Camps are available for students entering grades 2-9. Courses taught by our skilled staff of counselors include Video Game Design, Special Effects, LEGO and VEX Robotics, 3D Animation, Electronic Music Creation, Digital Art, and so much more. Each week, campers are assigned their own computer, and with our fixed 6:1 student to staff ratio, every child will get the individual attention they deserve.

To top it all off, this award-winning camp costs hundreds less than any other technology camp!

2. Alien Adventure Camp - Eight very special, and out-of-this-world campers, along with two extra-ordinary counselors, will be seat-belted in Camp Exploration's fully licensed and insured van for an amazing Alien Adventure, from Encino, CA to Roswell, New Mexico, and extremely exciting explorations in between.
Resident Camp
Travel Camp
All Boys
Encino, California

Alien Adventure will depart Encino, CA for three weeks and return back with campers having seen and experienced so much that is out-of-this-world. The grand destination will be Roswell, New Mexico. The camp will enjoy the July 4th weekend's UFO Festival in Roswell. On the way there, and on the way back, Alien Adventure will venture to a wide array of interesting and enjoyable destinations, (e.g., the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Area 51, a Native Village, and so much more). Much hiking and geocaching will be enjoyed. Some nights, the camp will pitch tents and enjoy the great outdoors. Other nights, the camp will enjoy the luxuries of "civilization" in motel accomodations. Much singing and game playing will take place while seatbelted in the licensed and insured van. This unique program is limited to eight out-of-this-world campers, and will be supervised on a 4:1 ratio by two extra-ordinary counselors. This is a rare opportunity for the truly adventurous space enthusiast.

3. Henry Bibby Basketball Camp - Learn from the best. 9 years Head Coach USC, 9 years NBA player & His experienced staff teach fundamentals and competitive games. We offer a Fun & Rewarding Life Experience for ages 5 - 15.
Day Camp
Encino, California
4. Camp Encino - Camp Encino is a City run day camp camp, but we put so much effort into the planning of the Camp and our main priority is ensuring the happiness, safety and supervision of the campers.
Day Camp
Encino, California

Camp Encino is a versatile Day Camp. We have a very strong program, with a large variety of activities. We have over 70% of our campers return every summer, but we are always looking for new campers. We also have an over 80% return rate for our staff, who all go through a comprehensive hiring and training process. Please take the time to email or call and look into our program if you are in the San Fernando Valley and have a child between 5-12 years old (K-7th grade). We offer a Counselor in Training program for children ages 13-15 as well.

Our weekly camp program includes: arts & crafts, sports, group games and special activities daily! We serve a catered lunch on Friday and go on fun field trips every Wednesday! There is no minimum weekly requirement and we have 4 & 5 day options available every week.

Our Winter Day Camp program will run from December 22, 2014 - January 9, 2015.
There will be no camp held on Thursday, December 25, 2014 and Thursday, January 1, 2015.
Field Trips include Universal Studios, John's Incredible Pizza, and Discovery Cube Science Center

Registration begins Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lunch is provided every Friday and activities change daily. Please call or email us for more info.

Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you soon!

5. Camp Exploration Travel Day Camp - Camp Exploration is a Travel Day Camp based in the West San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. Everyday is truly a special day with some adventure awaiting.
Travel Camp
Day Camp
Encino, California

Camp Exploration believes, not only in providing a fun, and, of course, safe, summer program for each child, but believes strongly in aiding and guiding the optimal development of the whole child. Wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, constant caring attention is given to the individual child, their interactions with others, and their relationships with the world around them.

Personalized 1:1 attention is provided to help each child grow from where s/he is currently. Group development is ongoing, always with a camper:staff ration of ~4:1. Day camp programs are in groups of 12 campers with 3 staff members; overnight camp programs are in groups of 8 campers with 2 staff members. Staff are mature, responsible, positive role models, and, of course, fun too.

In our daily routine, we also place a strong emphasis on the important role we can take in the world around us. On hiking trips, we help maintain trails as needed, and bring empty trash bags with us, to help remove garbage others carelessly left behind. In Day Camp, we regularly help survey and clean our adopted beach, spend special caring time at our neighboring retirement home, feed the homeless, and, quite simply, seize the opportunities we can, to make positive differences in the world around us.

Discussions often take place to process that which we experience. We are even conscious right down to the healthy, natural, ethical, and especially enjoyable, foods that we serve. It is a joy to watch our campers grow, and to help our campers grow, as individuals, as friends, and as world citizens.

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