Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp
Milford, IA (USA)
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Our mission statement is "To know Jesus Christ and to make Christ known to all." We hope that everyone who comes here will experience the love of Christ and grow in faith through activities, worship, cabin groups, nature, Bible studies, and much more.
Program Emphasis Gender Type Of Stay Session Options (Weeks)
General Program
Family Camp
Music Camp
Religious Camp
Resident Camp
Adult Camp
Family Camp
Less Than 1 Week
Age Range Capacity Average Cost (Week)
6 - Over 18 250 $301 - 400 (inquire)
More About Camp
Ingham and Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps have a history rich in the love of Christ and the passion to share that love with others. The camps are an outdoor ministry partnering with many congregations to help youth and families grow in their faith and understanding of the Bible.

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp is located on West Lake Okoboji in the Miller’s Bay area, Milford, IA and with the many changes and improvements that have occurred over the years that location can now house over 300 guests nightly.

A working relationship between Ingham Lake Bible Camp and Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp was created in 1983-84 and the Article of Incorporation joining the two camps into one occurred during that time period. Both camps are owned and supported by congregations in the Midwest and are additionally blessed by the financial gifts of many caring individuals and groups that wish to support the ministry.

Summer camp for people of all ages; Spring and Fall Recharge Weekends; Youth Ministry support programs for local congregations; Day Camps and Traveling Teams are just a few of the dynamic programs which make Ingham and Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps valued resources to the congregations they serve and the people of Iowa and surrounding states. Summer camp activities may include swimming, canoeing, games, hiking, camping, fishing, worship, campfire, Bible study, prayer, skits and dramas, great food, and lots of fun with other people.

The Camps mission statement-To know Jesus Christ and make Christ known to all-keeps Christ as the focus in all that we do. Each camp is able to offer unique opportunities of worship, relationships, and the nurturing of faith. Each year thousands of individuals and families depend on this ministry to provide fresh opportunities for them to grow in their faith.
Activities and Features
Religious Emphasis

Performing Arts

Team Sports
General Team Sports

Water Sports
General Water Sports
Recreational Swimming
Water Skiing

Arts and Crafts
General Arts and Crafts

Other Activities
Fantastic Christ-centered Program
Family and Youth Camps

Camp Address Winter Address
1203 Inwan Street
Milford IA, 51351 USA
1-800-OKOBOJI (tel.)
1203 Inwan Street
Milford, IA, 51351 USA
1-800-OKOBOJI (tel.)
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