Kamp Khalil
Orlando , FL (USA)
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The mission of Kamp Khalil is to provide holistic Islamic programming designed to empower youth ages 12-17 with the knowledge and skills necessary to become global leaders impacting our social fabric by positively affecting change in the areas of business, education, politics, and culture.
Program Emphasis Gender Type Of Stay Session Options (Weeks)
General Program
Religious Camp
Resident Camp
Age Range Capacity Average Cost (Week)
12 - 17 70 $100 - 200 (week)
More About Camp
Since 2009, we have hosted a 5-day summer camp outside of Daytona Beach, FL. Since 2001, we have hosted a 4-day Winter Camp outside of Houston, TX.
Activities and Features
Outdoor Activities
General Outdoors

Performing Arts
General Performing Arts

Competitive Events
Intra Camp Competition

Team Sports
General Team Sports

Water Sports
General Water Sports

Arts and Crafts
General Arts and Crafts

General Miscellaneous Actvities
Leadership Skills

Other Activities
Activities include congregational prayers
morning halaqahs
interactive workshops
team competitions
nature walks
and more.

Camp Address Winter Address
PO Box 550175
Orlando FL, 32739 USA
850-321-5082 (tel.)
PO Box 550175
Orlando, FL, 32855 USA
850-321-5082 (tel.)
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