Summer 2022: Creating connections and community
All Girls
General Program
First Photo of Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys Our campers treasure the relationships and sense of community they develop with staff. Likewise, working at one of River Valleys’ Girl Scout Camps is a unique experience that will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life. Your passion can make a difference in the lives of girls!

We hire camp staff from Minnesota and Wisconsin, the greater Midwest, and all over the world. Working at our camps takes a special kind of person!

Working at camp will change your life!

You’ll be a great fit to work at our camps if you…

Can commit to a schedule and work the entire summer, Attend training before camp, Are friendly and calm, especially under pressure. Are a team player, Love working outdoors, Are good at switching gears, Are willing to learn new things, Are willing to disconnect from technology while working, and Pay attention to the little things.

Do you have what it takes?

Photo 2 of Summer Jobs at Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys Summer camp work is good work. It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love! It’s the kind of work where you give your all everyday, learn and grow as you try new things and have the opportunity to use your talents to make a difference in the lives of girls. The hours you work are long but at the end of the day the tired you are is the kind that makes you feel that you’ve accomplished something.

Benefits of Working as a Camp Staff.

• Developing important life and career skills such as communication, planning, leadership, team building and management.
• Sharing common goals and building new friendships
• Uncovering hidden strengths
• Increasing your skills and knowledge of the outdoors.
• Receive intensive training in areas such as conflict resolution, decision-making, emergency procedures, and outdoor skills.
• Serving as a positive role model
• Room and board provided as part of the compensation.
• Very few expenses, you can save money
• Gain personal and career experiences: similar to the campers you develop a personal sense of confidence, teamwork, and leadership abilities at camp.

Waterfront Counselor
General Staff
Camp Counselor
Assistant Director
Program Director
Outdoor Trip Leader
Health & Safety
Other Positions
$3500 - $7000
Depending on position, experience, and certifications.
$500 signing bonus to be paid August 5th payroll
$500 completion of summer bonus to be paid on last payroll

Covid-19 Information

All Staff will need to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.
Summer Address
Minnesota, MN
Winter Address
400 S. Robert St.
St. Paul, MN, 55107
800-845-0787 (tel.)

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