Summer 2023!
General Program
First Photo of Walton's Grizzly Lodge Summer Camp Are you ready for an amazing summer experience full of memories that will last a lifetime?

We will begin hiring for the summer of 2023 in January. Those who are interested in working at camp next summer are encouraged to contact us prior to our hiring season for details about how to apply.

Walton’s Grizzly Lodge Summer Camp hires responsible, enthusiastic individuals who want to spend their summer working as role models and mentors for children.

We are a traditional overnight summer camp located near Lake Tahoe. As a staff member at Walton’s you will work, play and live in a structured outdoor setting that emphasizes a feeing of fun, family, friendship and belonging.

First year staff salary for the summer of 2022 is $550/week. We expect to increase this amount for the summer of 2023. Room, board, and laundry is also included. Bonus of $500 paid for those with current Life Guard Training. We also reimburse for taking and passing a Life Guard Training course.

To be considered for employment applicants need to be available to work from June 5 through at least August 12 and preferably until August 19.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have graduated from high school prior to 2023.

Those who live outside of our interviewing area will be required to submit a video interview if, after reviewing your initial application, we wish to proceed further.

We do not anticipate hiring staff outside of the United States.

Camp Philosophy

Photo 2 of Summer Jobs at Walton's Grizzly Lodge Summer Camp We believe in the magic of camp and its power to change lives. Our purpose is to extend the spirit and tradition of Mom and Pop Walton by continuing to transform the lives of all generations who experience Walton's Grizzly Lodge Summer Camp.

Core Values and Beliefs

We value creating a safe, natural, happy, secure environment where kids can be kids.

We believe in providing a structured program for children that:

Emphasizes a feeling of fun, family, friendship and belonging.

Encourages active participation in a wide variety of experiences.

Promotes the process of making choices.

We value respect for others and our environment.
Arts & Crafts
Fabric Design
Jewelry Design
Painting And Drawing
Food Prep
Horseback Riding
Outdoor Trip Leader
Environmental Education
Waterfront Counselor
Water Skiing
Performing Arts
Health & Safety
Nurse's Assistant
Water Safety Instructor
Camp Counselor
Office Positions
First year staff salary for the summer of 2022 was $550/week. We expect to increase this amount for the summer of 2023. Room, board, and laundry is also included. Bonus of $500 paid for those with current Life Guard Training. We also reimburse for taking and passing a Life Guard Training course.

Our camp staff is required to be fully vaccinated prior to the start of summer.

Covid-19 Information

Summer 2022
(updated 3/28/22)

We are committed to running a quality program focused on the physical and emotional health of our campers and staff. The guidelines and recommendations established by the American Camp Association, the Centers for Disease Control, state officials and our local health department will serve as the framework for our COVID safety protocols.

While the risk of contracting COVID cannot be eliminated, Walton’s Grizzly Lodge is well suited for most of the current recommendations. As the situation evolves, we will assess and adjust as needed. Some activities and events may be altered based on current health recommendations.

Vaccination: COVID-19 vaccinations are required for all campers and program staff for the 2022 season. This includes updating vaccination boosters when recommended by the CDC.

Pre-camp COVID Testing: Proof of a negative COVID test for campers prior to camp arrival may be required. We anticipate making a decision about testing requirements in May.

Masking / Cohorting: With community-wide vaccination, we do not anticipate needing to mask or cohort.

Health Services: Healthcare staff conduct daily screenings to assess for illness. CDC guidance for isolation and quarantine of sick campers and those with exposure or suspected or confirmed COVID infection, will be followed.

Transportation: We plan to offer pick-up and drop-off at the Reno airport for campers who fly to camp. More information about our procedures, including arrival and departure windows, can be found on our website: Getting to and From Camp. We recommend waiting to make airline reservations until closer to your child’s session as travel and health recommendations may change.

Opening Day: We will continue our drive-through format for drop-off on Opening Day of each session. We found this process to be a smooth transition for campers and parents. The drive-through health screening will include a temperature check, covid vaccination confirmation, medication drop-off and lice screening.

Program: We plan to offer our off-site horseback riding program and out of camp opportunities (during our two week sessions) with modifications as needed. However, we cannot guarantee these two programs will be provided for Summer 2022.

Summer Address
PO Box 519
Portola, CA 96122
530-274-9577 (tel.)
Winter Address
510 West Main Street
Grass Valley, CA, 95945
530-274-9577 (tel.)

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