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Special Needs
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Camp ASCCA offers a summer camp program for children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. We will be looking for staff that have high moral character, love for the outdoors, an enthusiasm for life and an interest in working with special populations. Minimum age of staff is 18.

JOB FUNCTION: Direct “hands-on” work with ASCCA’s children and adults with disabilities.

Counselors – *Counselors need to be able to work from June 13 - July 28

Counselors make up the vast majority of our summer staff. The position involves direct care and supervision of 2 to 3 campers per session. No prior experience necessary, but preferred. There will be a 3-day training prior to summer. counselors work directly with campers to provide guidance and assistance in all phases of camp programs and ADL’s (activities of daily living). Job requires that you live in the cabins with campers. Involves physically lifting and transferring campers. Must be able to lift a min. of 50 lbs.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: 1) 18 years of age 2) Interest in working with children and adults with disabilities 3) Individuals who are enthusiastic and have high moral character 4) Independent and ability to supervise and take care of others

Positions Available:

Photo 2 of Summer Jobs at Camp ASCCA -Male counselor - See above description.

-Female counselor - See above description.

Other Positions
male and female counselors
Camp Counselor
$1000 per month; plus free room and board

Summer Address
5278 Camp ASCCA Dr.
Jacksons Gap, AL 36861
256-825-9226 (tel.)
256-269-0714 (fax.)
Winter Address
5278 Camp ASCCA Dr.
Jacksons Gap, AL, 36861
256-825-9226 (tel.)
256-269-0714 (fax.)

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