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First Photo of Mayhew Join us for the opportunity to:

-Make a meaningful difference in the lives of some very deserving boys
-Develop practical & effective skills for working with youth
-Challenge your own limitations and grow in more ways than you ever thought possible
-Experience life on a private Island!
-Earn up to $6000 + full room & board for ten weeks
-Be an integral part of uniquely positive and cohesive community working towards a shared mission

Mayhew challenges and helps at-risk New Hampshire boys to believe in themselves, work well with others, and find their best. We accomplish this mission through a unique and award-winning year-round program comprised of a residential summer camp and a school-year mentoring program. Boys participate, tuition free, for eight years.

We're looking for great people who are eager to be role models for the boys at our camp located on Mayhew Island in beautiful Newfound Lake. Here, the boys are challenged to help create a positive, supportive, and sustainable community both within their cabin groups and in the greater Island community.

"Hey, wait a minute," you might be thinking, "that sounds like a summer camp to me. I don't want to be a camp counselor."

Yes, we run a camp program, but WAIT! We’re not your typical summer camp. Sure, we have lots of fun, but we’re a place with a serious mission as well.

What makes Mayhew different?

Photo 2 of Summer Jobs at Mayhew THE BOYS WE SERVE: Mayhew boys all come from disadvantaged backgrounds (low-income, single-parent homes) and participate tuition-free. Some boys are referred to Mayhew because they’ve demonstrated questionable behaviors at home and at school that make them at-risk for more serious problems in the future. Other boys simply lack opportunities to participate in the sorts of activities that Mayhew offers. Still other boys are referred to Mayhew simply because they can benefit from the boost in self-esteem that Mayhew often provides.

Regardless of the reason for their referrals, all Mayhew boys must make their own decision to join the Mayhew community and to strive to live up to its ideals and expectations.

OUR YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMMING: We’re called the Mayhew Program because we’re much more than a summer camp. Mayhew begins for the boys on the Island, but the support Mayhew offers lasts throughout the year with our community outreach program. We employ 7 full-time staff members who visit with the boys in their home communities throughout the school year.

OUR AMAZING LOCATION: Mayhew’s summer program is lucky enough to call Mayhew Island home: an idyllic private island in Newfound Lake, New Hampshire.

OUR SMALL SIZE: With a counseling staff of 25 charged with working with just 42 boys during each of two summer sessions, you’ll be an integral part of a uniquely supportive and cohesive community. There’s a genuine camaraderie and shared sense of purpose among everyone at Mayhew.

OUR WELL-HONED PHILOSOPHY: Mayhew’s been around since 1969 and over the past 50+ years we’ve managed to create a very well-defined, well-practiced, and effective approach to working with the boys of the program. Everything we do is centered on the notion of working for the good of the group and the community. We emphasize the ideals of Respect, Responsibility, Community, and Challenge in everything we do.

Mayhew offers great training in learning to work effectively with young people: an invaluable experience for anyone interested in teaching or working in the social services.

OUR FOCUS ON CREATING AN UNRELENTINGLY POSITIVE COMMUNITY: Mayhew strives to be an overwhelmingly positive and supportive community for boys and staff alike. That’s not to say that we ignore negative behaviors, but our primary focus is on recognizing the positive contributions of the boys, no matter how small. By recognizing and reinforcing good behaviors, we’re in a much more effective position to confront any negative behaviors.
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First-year staff earn up to $6000 for the ten-week season, plus full room & board on a beautiful island campus.
Summer Address
Mayhew Island
Bristol, NH 03222
603-707-2940 (tel.)
Winter Address
293 West Shore Rd
Bristol, NH, 03222
603-707-2940 (tel.)

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