1. Sea Turtle Camp

Sea Turtle Camp offers a hands-on, feet-wet marine biology adventure that you will never forget!

Sea Turtle Camp is a life enriching marine biology summer camp for teens. Have you ever looked into the enchanting eyes of a living, breathing 200 pound sea turtle? The wonder and amazement found in their ancient pupils will captivate your soul! In our teen marine biology camp summer adventure, you will enter the realm of the sea turtle and make a difference in the health of our planet. Sea Turtle Camp is an exciting, hands-on, feet wet, marine sciences summer camp experience that takes place in beautiful Southeastern North Carolina. Check our Marine Biology Summer Camp Schedule and reserve your spot today!

We will volunteer at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital, learn what it would be like to work as a Marine Biologist at our North Carolina Aquarium, and explore the amazing wetlands of the uninhabited Masonboro Island Preserve. You will also have the opportunity to possibly witness sea turtle hatchlings making their way towards the sea from the dunes of Wrightsville Beach and Topsail Island. In the salt marsh we pull seine nets, dig for clams, and witness first hand the abundance of life found in our estuaries. Our interactive eco-activities are also supplemented with educational seminars by local marine science and environmental educators.

Through this multidimensional teen marine biology summer camp, participants will gain a life changing appreciation for coastal conservation. Teens will experience and learn marine sciences in a completely fresh and exciting way, earn up to 20 hours of community service all the while building motivation, self-confidence, decision making, leadership and teamwork skills. Come "Sea Life" differently and have a marine biology teen summer camp adventure that will change your life forever!

June 16 - 21,2013 (ages 13-16) Marine Biology Adventure
June 16 - 28,2013 (ages 13-16) Sea Turtle & Open Water Scuba Camp
June 23 - July 3, 2013 (ages 13-16) Marine Biology Immersion
July 7 - 12,2013 (ages 13-16) Marine Biology Adventure
July 7 - 18,2013 (ages 13-16) Sea Turtle & Advanced Scuba Camp
July 14 - July 24, 2013 (ages 13-16) Marine Biology Immersion
July 28 - August2,2013 (ages 13-16) Marine Biology Adventure
July 28 - August9,2013(ages 13-17) Sea Turtle & Open Water Scuba Camp

Travel Programs
July 28 - August 10,2013 (ages 14-18) Sea Turtle Camp Hawaii
July 22 - July 5,2013 (ages 14-18) Sea Turtle Camp Costa Rica

2. Broadreach

Broadreach offers educational summer adventures for teenagers with scuba, sailing, marine biology, language immersion, service and wilderness programs in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Australia, Canada, the Red Sea, South Africa, France, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Broadreach offers unsurpassed summer adventure learning program for middle school, high school and college students that span the globe. Our hands-on adventures include marine biology, scuba, sailing, language immersion, science and medicine, community service, outdoor skills and leadership programs. Since 1993, we’ve taken thousands of students to some of the world's most incredible destinations in over 30 countries including the islands of the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji, Egypt, Central and South America, China, India, South Africa, France, Canada and the Bahamas. Many Broadreach programs qualify for college credit and all offer a community service component ranging from 5-55 hours. Multiple certifications including PADI scuba certifications, IYT sailing certifications and Wilderness First Responder are offered, and programs are 14-31 days in length in June, July and August.

For teenagers and college students looking for a summer beyond camp, Broadreach will take you to a whole new latitude. Our adventures provide opportunities to master new skills and explore the world in an active, hands-on environment that fully immerses the participant in the experience. Beyond fun and friendship, our programs provide incredible opportunities for learning and personal growth. Each trip has its own blend of discoveries and challenges, designed to take advantage of the unique character and opportunities of the regions we visit. Combining the thrill of discovery, the pride of accomplishment and the excitement of exploration, Broadreach programs focus on individual initiative, group dynamics and genuine participation in the world.

Broadreach is unlike other adventure summer camps. At the end of a Broadreach trip, you leave not only with amazing memories, new life skills and great friends, but also with certifications, community service hours and often college credit. We are not a traditional summer camp or teen tour. We don't travel in buses, large groups or flotillas of sailboats. The cornerstone of our program design is our small group size of just 9-14 participants. Living in a small group promotes teamwork, leadership, compromise and consideration, teaching important lessons applicable to life that will last long after the program is over. Opportunities are created not only by our course design, but by the group itself. Staff and students come together as a team to make the adventure happen. Our staff gives participants individual attention and helps to shape the trip around the goals and abilities of the group. The supportive, non-competitive atmosphere created allows participants to appreciate others for who they are and make close friendships with people who have diverse interests and backgrounds.

Broadreachers do things they never thought they would do, see places they never thought they would see and explore our world on a level they never could with their family or on their own. We have programs for most abilities and interests and no experience is required for many of our trips. Just come with a desire to try new things and broaden your experiences!