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Listings on the Camp Channel represent a wide variety of different types of programs: traditional overnight and day camps to highly specialized programs; totaling over 2,700 camp and programs.

The Camp Channel regularly prompts camp directors to update their listing information, disclose performance statistics, and relate new information on a periodic basis.

From 10/15/2016 - 10/14/2017, the Camp Channel incurred approximately 14,000 page views of pages geared toward camp directors. Click here to view statistics.

Banner Ad campaigns are billed at a flat rate for fixed monthly terms at a rate of $75/month and will be inserted within most pages of the "Directors" section on the Camp Channel. Min Campaign Total: $300

Annual term discounted rate: $299/yr

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Banner Specifications
204 width x 153 height (pixels); .jpg, .gif, .png formats accepted; animated banners prohibited; one URL per campaign.

If you are unable to provide a banner, we will develop a very simple banner image; comprised of your company's existing logo (or photo) and specified text - at no additional cost.
Exclusive Slot Reservation
The maximum number of banners assigned to and inserted on any given page is six 6. Your banner will always appear on your selected pages during your campaign's term.

Placement & Banner Order
The order of all banners on any given page is randomized in real time and are placed as follows:

Banners appear on the right hand margin on desktop displays and within most pages of the "Directors" section of the Camp Channel. The order of all banners on any given page is randomized in real time. There is a limit of 6 banners per page.

Randomization order and limit of 6 banners per page will not be altered during the course of any given banner ad campaign; however, Camp Channel, Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments to other banner placement criteria as needed.

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If you are interested in starting a banner ad campaign on the Camp Channel, please complete the request form below to provide us with some information about your company and the nature of the campaign you might like to engage.

By completing the form below: there is no obligation to sign up, nor does it guarantee placement on any particular page (which is based on space availability).

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If space is currently available on your selected pages, a campaign can begin immediately on any day during the month. In which case, a month will be calculated as being equivalent to 30 consecutive days.




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