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Hockey Camps & Robotics Camps Added As New Categories

March 2009

Hockey Camps & Robotics Camps Added As New Categories

We have recently added specialty camp categories for Hockey Camps and Robotics Camps. Hockey camps may include ice hockey, field hockey, and street hockey. Robotics camps are typically computer oriented programs which provide hands on experience with designing, programming, and building robots and components.

While many summer camps may offer either hockey or robotics as individual activities within a general camp program, some camps will exclusively focus on these activities as a major component of their core program. You can find these summer camps by conducting a full interactive search or view a full list of hockey or robotics programs on our system by clicking on the links below:

Hockey Summer Camps

Robotics Summer Camps

You may wish to re-visit the Camp Channel as our list grows. If you are summer camp director and would like to add your hockey camp or robotics camp to our directory, please visit the following web address: