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Summer Camp Photos & Memorabilia From This Past Summer

September 2010

Summer Camp Photos & Memorabilia From This Past Summer

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the summer is quickly approaching an end and most summer camps have concluded their sessions. However, it is normally not too late to order photos from this past camp season from the camp you or your child may have attended this summer.

Many camps will have posted hundreds (or thousands) of photos on their website during the course of the camp season in order that family and friends could look at all of the fun and excitement happening at camp this summer. Often, these very same photos are available as prints for purchase & sometimes they can also be printed on other gift items such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars, playing cards, etc. Now is a great time to go back and review some of the great shots which might be worthwhile saving in the form of a print or other memorabilia item.

Please note: not all summer camps post photos online, so it is important to visit your particular camp’s website to see if they available, and if so, whether the photos can be purchased as prints. If there are photos posted online, but not available as prints via a commercial service, it is often possible to save the digital version of the photo to your own computer for safe keeping (or to print on your own printer). Please take note of any applicable copyrights.

Many camps still provide “old fashioned” traditional prints (or even camp videos) as either part of the camper enrollment tuition or for an additional fee, which may include: an individual portrait, an all camp photo, cabin/unit photo, other activity photos, camp video yearbook, etc. Again, it’s important to find out if your camp offers such as service by contacting the camp director.