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Tip: Using Maps On Camp Channel

February 2012

Tip: Using Maps On Camp Channel

While searching or browsing the Camp Channel’s directory of summer camps, you may come across various maps displayed which are associated with a set of search results or a particular page such as a U.S. State or Canadian Province. You may also notice small colored markers positioned over various locations on such maps. These markers have numbers which correspond to the listing results displayed below the map and allow you to visually discern the locations of some of the camps listed on that page. Click on the link below for an example:

Summer Camps In California

On the California state map displayed on the page above, if you click on any of the numbered markers you will notice a small popup window which contains summary information about the corresponding camp listing to the numbered result which appears in the list of all camps in California. Within the small popup window you may also see multi-media elements such as photo thumbnail images which appear alongside the summary information. Also within the small popup window, there is always a link to the listing’s full record titled “Click Here To View This Camp’s Complete Listing”. By clicking on this link you will be able to view the full record for that particular camp listing.

Please note that not all listings have markers which appear on any given map and that marker numbers corresponding to particular listings will change from page to page and even from search to search. Moreover, not all searches or pages have corresponding maps.

For those camp listings which do reflect a map location, you can access an individual map of their particular location directly from the search results by clicking on the small link titled “Map” directly under the button titled “More info” on the far right of all search results. Likewise, if you’re in the midst of viewing the full listing for any given camp, you can also access an individual map (if present) of their particular location by clicking on the link titled “View Map” which appears on the right hand side of the aqua/blue bar at the top of the listing. Similar to viewing a camp’s individual map directly from the search results, this will invoke a small popup window reflecting the camp’s location; however, since there is only a single location denoted, the marker does not have a number in this case.

Summer Camps and Early Bird Enrollment Rates

While it might be sad news to some that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and winter weather might not release it’s grip for some time, it’s never too early to start planning for summer camp. In fact, making firm arrangements at this time of the year might translate into a bit of a savings on your child’s summer enrollment fees in the form of what’s often referred to as an “Early Bird Discount”.

Many summer camps will offer parents the opportunity to either submit a deposit or payment in full in the months prior to camp in exchange for a lower rate. Typically, there is a “cut off” date or deadline which separates early bird and standard regular season rates. The existence and details of early bird discounts varies from camp to camp, so it’s important to contact your camp director to learn whether such a program exists and if so what are the specific requirements and other details.