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March 2019

Website Interface Improvements

Our interface has been recently updated to improve navigation; allowing visitors to more easily review search results as well as to retrieve information contained within the full listing profiles for individual summer camps.

On mobile devices: a fixed secondary navigational menu for listing results will now appear at the top of your device; allowing you to more easily process and filter results at any moment.

Likewise, on all camp listing profile pages (for all devices), a fixed secondary navigational menu will now appear at the top of your screen; allowing you to more easily view multi-media elements and read specific information displayed for any given camp listing.

Directors: Reminder To Update Your Camp’s Listing

It is time to plan for the summer of 2019 and update your listing on the Camp Channel.

Directors are encouraged to update your listing(s) with respect to any time sensitive information that might be different for next year such as dates, rates, and other programming changes. Click on the “Directors” button in order to submit any modifications. You are welcome to update your information as often as necessary.

For more information about why it is a good idea to create a comprehensive and organized plan to update as much information as possible about your camp or program which resides on the internet, please read the following article:

Camp Directors: Keeping Your Web Listings Current

If you are a prospective camper or parent seeking a summer camp for the summer of 2019 please keep in mind that many camps have yet to provide their updated information for next summer. It is always recommended that you contact a summer camp directly for the most up to date and accurate information.