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It’s Never Too Early For Summer Camp – 2011 Enrollment

August 2010

It’s Never Too Early For Summer Camp – 2011 Enrollment

While we’re certainly still in the midst of summer, your child’s session at summer camp might be coming to a close in the near future. Although the summer of 2011 might seem very far off into the future, it is never too early to consider signing up for camp.

In fact, many camps offer some form of promotional incentive to sign up for the subsequent summer immediately after the completion of the final day at camp. Often, this might take the form of some sort of “early bird discount” if you complete a camper enrollment registration and submit a deposit within a specified time frame. If the summer camp your child attends is offering such a promotion and you are seeking to take advantage of such an opportunity, it is important to read the terms carefully; especially with respect to how refunds of deposits might be handled.

Some camps might also offer some sort of contest or drawing for a larger savings. All camps are different, so it’s important that you contact your camp director to obtain the specific details of how any possible promotion to sign up early affects you and your child.

Another issue to consider is that your camp might be operating at or very near full capacity. If this is the case, signing up as early as possible is a good way to insure your child has a spot available at camp for next summer and is not placed on a “waiting list”.

Although it may seem difficult to commit to what is a significant financial undertaking at such an early juncture, if your child has expressed a firm desire to return to camp next summer (or for the first time), signing up early could provide you with a little savings and also establish a clear financial objective in order to plan and save. Along these lines, some camps offer financial assistance or might be able to point you in the right direction.

Even if you’re not going to immediately enroll your child at camp for next summer, it may still be beneficial to obtain a copy of a 2011 camper registration form to see about rates, terms, and significant dates. Many camps will be posting this information to their websites before or just after the current summer ends. Simply having the information will afford you a longer time frame to plan accordingly with respect to financial requirements and also have a meaningful discussion with your child about attending summer camp in the summer of 2011.