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Finding A Summer Camp Job

December 2008

Finding A Summer Camp Job

In addition to a directory of summer camps, the Camp Channel’s Job Board contains thousands of summer camp staff positions available across the country.

While most camps do typically have openings for “traditional” camp counselor positions, the fact of the matter is that most summer camps require a wide variety of qualified personnel to operate and function effectively.

In addition to camp staff who are skilled in a particular activity, most camps require counselors who are certified in various aspects of their summer program offerings such as: Lifeguards & WSI, Equestrian and Horseback, SCUBA, Tennis, Golf, Registered Nurses & Doctors, CPR, EMT, Wilderness First Aid and Responders, etc.

Many summer camps also need to fill kitchen staff, maintenance positions, and office staff to some degree or another.

Our Job Board is ranked so as the most recently modified post will appear at the top of the list; providing you with up-to-date information regarding the availability of various positions. By visiting the front page of the Job Board, you are able to quickly browse the most recently updated posts at the top as well as through the entire index which provides:


  • Name of camp(s)
  • Short description of staff positions offered
  • State(s) where camp(s) are located

Click on the short description (in blue) to see the full post.

Given the large variety of summer staff positions available, you are able perform a Job Board Search along the following criteria:

<ul><br /><li>General Position<br /><li>Specific Position<br /><li>Camp Gender<br /><li>Camp Type (Day Camp or Residential Camp)<br /><li>Program Type (General Program, Specialty Camp, Travel/Adventure Camp, Special Needs Camp, Adult Camp, Family Camp)<br /><li>Location (state or province)<br /><li>Keywords<br /></ul><br /><b>After obtaining a list of results, click on the short description (in blue) to see the full post.</b>

Some job postings are more in depth than others with respect to information provided about summer camp staff openings, requirements, and compensation. Most posts allow you to click on the camp name and visit their website to find out more with respect to employment opportunities. At the bottom of each post, you’ll find a short “Request For More Information” form which will allow you to email a camp director. The vast majority of camp directors will be thrilled to learn of your interest and you are encouraged to send requests or visit their website … often allowing you to immediately apply online.

Please note: there is typically an important distinction with respect to summer day camps vs. overnight camps in so far as most day camps do NOT provide housing and require you to reside within a reasonable driving distance.

You’re are also welcome to post your resume online for camp directors to review and contact you directly.

Summer Camp Rentals on

The Camp Channel is excited to announce the official launch of a website dedicated almost entirely to summer camp rentals and leases. Feel free to search or browse our wide and growing list of rental camp opportunities at:

Rent or lease a summer camp for large groups, parties, company outings, programs, retreats, weddings, family reunions, picnics, etc. Many summer camps offer facilities suited for relatively large groups of people for dining, lodging, and other activities. Typically located in a remote natural environment, summer camps can provide a tranquil, yet dynamic setting to facilitate group interaction or simply a great place to relax.

Some camps offer long term lease arrangements if you are a director seeking suitable summer camp facilities.