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Engage Summer Camp Directors While Searching For Summer Camps

Summer is very quickly approaching and it might be time for you to decide which camp you or your child would like attend; whether it is an overnight camp away from home, or a summer day camp located in your family’s immediate neighborhood.

We encourage you to utilize the Camp Channel to search out and generate a wide list of summer camp programs which are of particular interest to you or your child; however, prior to making a decision to attend or send your child to any camp program, it is essential for a parent or guardian to contact a camp’s director and engage in a meaningful dialog with respect to at least the very basic issues of: general safety & welfare, camp staff selection & training process, meals, activity instruction & supervision, and of course all of the fun which campers will experience over the course of a summer at camp!

Email is a great first step to quickly contact summer camps and gather general or specific information about camp programs. All camp listings on the Camp Channel contain a short email request form at the bottom of their full camp profile. Tip: you can view a camp’s full profile by clicking on the blue “More Info” button within a results’ list.

Telephone conversations might provide you with a greater intuitive understanding of a camp director’s philosophy and outlook; however, there is no substitute for a face to face meeting with a camp director – who is ultimately the individual in charge of overseeing the camp’s program, and most importantly, the general safety and welfare of all campers and staff at camp.

Many summer camps will host open house dates for you and your family to attend in order to tour the camp’s premises and observe the facilities firsthand. Many camp directors will also be happy to schedule time for your family to take a personal tour of camp or even setup a home visit with a camp video presentation about life at camp and other related topics.

Over the course of your dialog with a camp director, do not be afraid to ask a camp director ANY question, especially regarding (but not limited to) issues about the safety and welfare of your child! Remember, there is no such thing as a “stupid question” and the vast majority of camp directors will be thrilled to field all your questions and concerns. This is not to say there might not some camp directors who might appear to be abrupt or evasive – which might be cause for concern.

Information on the internet can certainly be extremely helpful in the selection process of a camp; however, the ultimate responsibility for making a decision to send your child to a summer camp or related program rests with you as a parent or guardian! It is critical to take the time to engage a camp director in a meaningful way.