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Winter Camps & Programs

With the winter solstice and holiday season quickly approaching, it might be of interest to know there are many “camps” which are gearing up for their winter sessions; designed to provide programming options for youth during winter break from school.

While some winter camps might be tailored specifically for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, etc., many will extend their same core programming activities offered in the summer, but packaged for a condensed session during winter break.  Depending upon the location in the country and the nature of any given “winter camp”, such sessions may be held outside; however, many will be held entirely indoors … especially with respect to camps which are located in cold weather climates or those which offer programming which can easily be held at a more generic indoor venue or facility such as:   arts, academics, computers, dance, drama, music, martial arts, etc.

Winter camps which engage in more specialized athletic activities may also be held at indoor facilities specifically designed for particular sports or activities such as:  tennis, hockey, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, skateboarding, etc.

If you happen to live in a region of the country where the year round weather is suitable for outdoor activities such as Southern California, Florida, etc., you might find a wider selection of outdoor winter camps and related activities available.

A keyword search for “winter camps” on the Camp Channel currently reveals upwards of about 75 different listings which have made mention of some form of winter activities offered.  It is important to note that many of these camps and organizations may provide a winter session as an option in light of a much larger array of summer session program offerings.  In other words, camps which are primarily engaged in summer programming might not necessarily advertise their winter camp in the forefront and you might need to inquire further to obtain more information or details.

Many religious based camps offer winter retreats and other programming options, which may include programming for the entire family.

Another common program appears to be “Winter  Zoo Camps” which take place at various Zoos; providing a fun, interesting, and educational experience for kids.

It is important to note that winter camps come in all shapes and sizes in terms of the type of programming offered, facilities, and other important aspects you may wish to consider.   Some might be more akin to a class or workshop, while other programs might be setup more along the lines of a traditional camp in so far as social activities and interactions are concerned.   Similarly, some winter camps are designed to be mini-vacations or getaways – whereby you or your child will sleepover at the camp or excursion, while other programs might occur during the day only and it would be necessary to go back home (or to one’s accommodations) at night.   Regardless, winter camps allow kids and older individuals to engage in both fun and educational activities in a social setting during a time of the season which often limits interaction with others due to the seasonal nature of winter weather being typically much colder/harsher.

Regardless of what type of winter camp you might be interested in attending or sending your child, it is important to inquire with the camp director about the specific nature of a winter program you might be considering.